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The SHA EXPERIENCE Non-For-Profit Organization was founded by Coach Shelonda Hassell-Adegbaye. She is a native of Chicago, Illinois, born & raised on the city's west side. She is married to Pastor Jimson J. Adegbaye, and has one daughter, Dasmine. She is a member of Jackson Boulevard Christian Church where Larry L. Jackson is the pastor. She is a two-time Domestic Violence Survivor. She is a Serial Entrepreneur, Owner of Little Blessed One's Academy, and Co-Owner of Da'Nae Decor Events Venue & Crown Investments LLC. She is an Author, A Certified public/motivational speaker, Certified Grief & Master Life Coach.


Shelonda is devoted to inspiring, motivating, & pushing all women & girls of color to Dream Again! Her purpose is to work with broken women, supporting them with setting goals, completing tasks, steps to believing again, & winning. Under the umbrella of the SHA Experience is The Who Is She Ministry, Like her for Brown girls Teen mentoring program & Chicago's Black Mom's Rock Organization. Her Life's Motto Is: It's a mandate from Christ to help & give to others. 

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