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 "Like Her"  Mentoring program was created in Memory of Shelonda's mother, Elder Sarah Diane Hassell. Elder was a Saved woman of true integrity. Elder was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi where her father passed away at the age of two due to a car accident and her mom relocated to Chicago's westside. Elder was raised living in Rockwell Gardens Projects. She later became a wife, and mother to eight beautiful children. She was a mentor, a friend, sister in Christ, a counselor, a spiritual leader, a youth leader, advisor, minister, motivational speaker,  a pillar in her family, and the Rockwell Gardens community for over 30 years. She served on many boards at Grant Ulysses Elementary School. and at Jackson Boulevard Christian Church. Before She passed away in February 2019, she and Shelonda started the organization Chicago's Black Moms Rock together on social media. This organization was organized to help mothers of all income levels. To share different outlets and reliable resources needed for mothers in Chicago. 

This mentoring program is for all African American girls. The program's main focus is to make a difference in the lives of young girls. To impact young girls in so many different ways. From positive outcomes in academics and professional pursuits to more personal milestones like growing in self-confidence, self-assurance,  and self-esteem. This all will be done with some of the morals and life experiences taught by Elder Sarah Diane Hassell. These experiences will create spaces for girls to not only take risks and push themselves but to be courageous while doing it. We are there for them every step of the way. We will help to provide girls ages 8- 19 years with love, skills, and knowledge they need to counter any type of stereotypes and obstacles and achieve their goals.


Our mentors are here to help see the girls become more fluently outspoken and full of confidence with the support of their role models. We would like our next generation of girls to not only be courageous but to also be fearless leaders while using their positive skills and capabilities to be able to influence their lives and make changes in their very own neighborhoods. This organization was organized to help mothers with low-income families, single moms, married moms, and widowed moms. To share different but reliable outlets and resources needed for mothers in Chicago. 

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Our Mission and Purpose:

Chicago's Black Moms Rock is a voice and support group for mothers of color. CBMR welcomes African American mothers of color, all religions, all educational backgrounds and income levels. Anyone who supports the mission of CBMR is welcome to join.


CBMR's  Direction is provided by a Board of a dedicated group of volunteers. The CBMR Board meets regularly to, among other things, determine ways to assist members in their efforts to support other members, plan community service projects and events, establish policies and procedures.

CBMR Board consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Prayer Advisor, and Activity Coordinator.

From time to time, CBMR will establish web-based support and a regular column in our newsletter, newsletters will address communities, such as events, support groups, Like Her teen program for brown girls support, CBMR Entrepreneurs, or Homeschooling Moms. The Activity coordinator and team are available to help plan activities for our organization.

About Us:

CBMR serves as an advocate for those mothers and encourages the spirit of community activism within its membership. In 2018, Our President Shelonda Hassell- Adegbaye and her mother had a conversation about Black women/mothers needed to be recognized for a lot that we do. As well as mothers need to be motivated, helped, inspired, loved, cared for, get a chance to tell their stories through testimonies, be able to link and enjoy each other without drama, spread good news, give advice when needed, and most important Share the Love of Jesus Christ is a must through prayer and everything we do. They also discussed Closing the Gap on minority achievement which focuses on health, educational and financial disparities which currently exist in our country.


On February 27th Shelonda's mother made her transition to be with the Lord. This was a shock and a hard loss to everyone that knew her. Many knew what type of Woman, mother, Evangelist, Prayer warrior, Motivational Speaker, Strong woman that Elder Sarah Diane Hassell was. So Shelonda decided to move forward with the group and carry out her dreams and passions to help Black Mothers in every way possible. On May 3rd one of Shelonda's brother made his transition as well to be with the Lord. This hit even harder for her because she never grieved her mom correctly. She's probably one of the strongest people many know. During this time she felt weak and never showed it. She literally thought her world was coming to an end. So now after dealing with this and as she still struggles daily, God was her strength. She struggles from time to time. God comforts her as well as the prayers from family and friends. Shelonda has so many great things in store for all of us. This is a Judge Free Zone Group. There is no right or wrong question or answer. CBMR is built on respect. We are here to help, bless, promote, inspire each other. We asked that daily we keep each other in prayer and cover all of our families as well.