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Like Her"  Mentoring program was created in Memory of Shelonda's mother, Elder Sarah Diane Hassell. Elder was a saved woman of true integrity. Elder was born in Pontotoc, Mississippi where her father passed away at the age of two due to a car accident and her mom relocated to Chicago's westside. Elder was raised living in Rockwell Gardens Projects. She later became a wife, and mother to eight beautiful children. She was a mentor, a friend, sister in Christ, a counselor, a spiritual leader, a youth leader, advisor, minister, motivational speaker,  a pillar in her family, and the Rockwell Gardens community for over 30 years. She served on many boards at Grant Ulysses Elementary School and Jackson Boulevard Christian Church. Before She passed away in February of 2019, she and Shelonda started the organization Chicago's Black Moms Rock together on social media. This organization was organized to help mothers of all income levels to share different outlets and reliable resources needed for mothers in Chicago.


This mentoring program is for all Black girls. The program's main focus is to make a difference in the lives of young girls and to impact their lives in so many different ways. From positive outcomes in academics and professional pursuits to more personal milestones like growing in self-confidence, self-assurance,  and self-esteem. This all will be done with some of the morals and life experiences taught by Elder Sarah Diane Hassell. These experiences will create spaces for girls to not

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